Resources for Home Buyers

  • Creating Your Home Wish List

    Before the home search begins, your real estate agent will want to know as much as possible about the features and amenities you desire. To help your agent better serve you, analyze what you want and what you need in a home's features and amenities.
    Age: Do you prefer historic properties, or newer ones? Style: Do you have a special preference for ranches, bungalows, or another style...

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  • Deciding How Much House You Can Afford

    Your lender decides what you can borrow but you decide what you can afford.
    Lenders are careful, but they make qualification decisions based on averages and formulas. They won't understand the nuances of your lifestyle and spending patterns quite as well as you do. So, leave a little room for the unexpected - for all the new opportunities your home will give you to spend money, from furnishings,...

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  • Location, Location, Location

    Where you buy not only affects the home's current and future value, but it also affects your lifestyle. Your agent will be able to conduct a more targeted home search if you outline your preferences in neighborhoods and nearby amenities. Here's a checklist of items you should consider and communicate to your chosen real estate agent.
    * Urban, suburban or rural
    * Commute time
    * School districts

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  • Opting for new home construction

    Whether to buy an existing home or have one built is yet another decision to make during the home-buying process. If you decide to go with new construction, a real estate agent can be a powerful advocate in your corner as you negotiate upgrades, a move-in date and other terms with the home builder.
    Below are some basic pointers to prepare you for the journey ahead.

    Selecting a builder

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  • Seven main roles of your real estate agent

    A Buyer's Real Estate Agent:
    Educates you about your market. Analyzes your wants and needs. Guides you to homes that fit your criteria. Coordinates the work of other needed professionals. Negotiates on your behalf. Checks and double-checks paperwork and deadlines. Solves any problems that may arise.

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  • Eight steps to buying your home

    What are eight steps to consider before buying your home? Find out here.

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